The Gellman Team Community Outreach

The Gellman Team is dedicated to supporting organizations that enrich our community. We focus on supporting groups that align with our mission to provide St. Louis and surrounding area residents with a solid, successful community and helping those in need. We will carefully consider your request and do the best we can to support your organization.

The Gellman Team

Gives Back to Our Community

Since our founding, The Gellman Team has been committed to our core value of ‘Giving Back’ as an essential part of our team’s culture. As real estate professionals, we focus on supporting organizations that align with our core values and ensure that the residents of greater Saint Louis, Saint Charles and Jefferson Counties live in vibrant communities that support the needs of all people.

It is our hope that this page serves as a resource for both individuals and organizations to discover not only the ways that we are currently involved in our community but also opportunities for us to make an even greater difference in the community that we are proud to call home. 

The Gellman Team Moving Truck and Van

In addition to being available to our clients, our moving truck and van are available for use by community organizations for FREE. All that we ask is that you return them with a full tank of gas.

Click here to check availability or to reserve the truck or van.


The Gellman Team Grants

As our team continues to grow, we are always looking to expand the number of ways that we are philanthropically involved in the greater Saint Louis community. Should your organization be interested in seeking a grant from The Gellman Team we encourage you to fill out our online application so that we can carefully consider your request and do the best we can to support your organization.

Click here to fill out our online application.


The Gellman Team Volunteers

We understand that having people who are ready and able to help an organization fulfill its mission is very often just as important as receiving a financial contribution. Whether it is an opportunity to engage in the daily operations of your organization or to lend a hand at a special event, our team is available to help you as volunteers. If you are an individual that is interested in volunteering alongside The Gellman Team at one of our current volunteer opportunities, we would love to include you.

Click here to view a calendar of community events that we support or to request volunteers for your organization.


Organizations We Support

Whether we currently support these organizations or have in the past, we are proud to be able to help them fulfill their mission due to the positive impact that they have on the lives of residents in the areas that we serve.

Click here to see the organizations that we support.

Sponsorship Guidelines

If you are interested in seeking a donation, please review the following guidelines:

All requests must be received in writing at least 45 days in advance of the event date. Requests are not accepted by phone. Requests are reviewed quarterly

If the organization is a 501c (3) non-profit organization, please include the organization’s tax ID number with the request.

Please fill out the Donation Request form below and submit a request letter including the name of the nonprofit organization, date of  the fundraiser,  The purpose and beneficiary of fundraiser, contact name and information, and an address to which the donations should be sent.

Unfortunately, we are unable to sponsor to the following:

  •     groups that discriminate
  •     multi-year commitment or automatic renewal grants
  •     organizations whose prime purpose is to influence legislation

Please print below form and return to:

The Gellman Team 
     eXp Realty
     Community Outreach
     2201 S Hanley Rd, Ste 185
     Brentwood, MO 63144

Date Received by The Gellman Team __________________________________________

Today's Date: ____________________________        Name(s):_____________________________________________________________________

Name of Organization: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Organization Contact:__________________________________________________________________

Organization Phone Number:____________________ Alt Phone Number:_____________________

Are you a client of The Gellman Team?       Y          N

Amount or item Requested:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How/Will The Gellman Team be recognized for the sponsorship? (ie: logo displayed, thank you announcements, etc.?)

____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

Please tell us about your organization / event and why we should sponsor you:





Please attach any additional information to this form.

Please Note:

We will notify you by phone if your sponsorship has been approved

     All sponsorship requests are evaluated on a quarterly basis

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