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Client Appreciation Event Information Page

6th Annual Bowling Party

April 28th from 2-6pm

Past Events

8th Annual Pie Day

Annual Fall Festival and Movie Night

5th Annual Bowling Party 

7th Annual Pie Day 

New this year! 
We received over 1,000 items to donate! Thank you so much for your generosity. Items have been donated to 
Lift for Life Gym, Buchanan Foundation, Home for the Holidays, Assistance League of St. Louis, and STL Winter Outreach. 

1st Movie Night 

4th Annual Bowling Party

We had a blast at last year's 6th Annual Pie Day! We can't wait to share this event with you again this year!

Here are some pictures / videos from our previous events. 

 Pie Day Giveaway - Nov 2020 


 Pie Day Giveaway - Nov 2019 

Bowling Party - Apr 2019

Pie Day Giveaway - Nov 2018

Bowling Party - Apr 2018

Pie Day Giveaway - Nov 2017


Bowling Party - April 2017

Thanksgiving Pie Day - November 2016

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