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Agents! Top 10 Reasons Our Team is Right for You

1. Top Level Training & Coaching     

6. Ability to Make 6 Figures in Your First Full Year 

2. Transaction Coordination 

7. Abundance of Leads via our 24+ Lead Sources 

3. Accountability Coaching 

8. Weekly Investment Group 

4. World-Class Operations Team 

9. Stock Rewards & Healthcare Benefits 

5. In-House Marketing Team 

10. Community Outreach Focus 

Interested in Learning More or Want to Discuss Your Career Goals?

Agents! Why You Should Consider Our Team 

Self-Managed Schedule 

Leading-Edge Technology & Innovation 

Blue-Chip Coaching & Mentoring 

Team Culture Built on Mission & Core Values 

Average Agent Income Over $128,000 

Reliance on No One Lead Source 

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