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Today I'd like to spread awareness about mistakes that homebuyers in St. Louis frequently make. Some of these mistakes are fairly obvious, but some are rather complex. We've noticed some common mistakes, and we're going to show you how you can avoid them today.
One mistake is that buyers buy with emotion. A buyer may love a home, but end up disliking the neighborhood, and this can be very problematic. Just because you fall in love with the first floor of the home doesn't mean that you have to buy it.
You should make rational decisions when you buy, and not get caught up in the emotion of purchasing a home. Think practically about
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Want to sell your home? Get a free home value report 
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Hey everyone, today I am going to discuss multiple offers with you, as they have become more and more common in St. Louis as of late. 

In St. Louis, multiple offer situations have been occurring lately, but not in every market, or in every neighborhood for that matter. What's happening is the buyers are looking for move-in ready homes that are priced right, and they will pay a little more to be able to move right in.

From a buyer's perspective, how do you craft a winning offer? Often, it's not all about the price, it's about the terms. If you give the seller the terms they want, they are much more likely to choose your offer. 

For sellers,
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"The Gellman team was very professional. We were very impressed with the way they handled our property.

It was a wonderful experience. We've done a number of real estate deals and this one was made easier and more pleasant.

Mark and his team are incredible. Mark and his team were by far the best and managed to sell it for us, so we're happy. They're just very professional, they think of everything for you, and they make it easy."
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