June 2020

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Welcome to another edition of Mark’s Market Update.

I looked at the first 28 days of June 2020 vs 2019 to get an idea of what is happening in the market. The focus of today's update is St. Louis County. Throughout the next couple of days I will be providing updates on St. Charles, Northern Jefferson County, and St. Louis City.

Evaluating all homes in St. Louis County, over $100,000 price point:
Sold Homes are down 32% year over year
Approx. 1,200 homes were 2019 in the 28 day June period vs 862 same period 2020.

A few highlights:
Sold homes in Clayton schools were down 48% June 2020 vs 2019
Sold homes in Ladue schools were down 46% June 2020 vs 2019
Sold homes in Marquette schools were down 37.5% June 2020 vs 2019
Sold homes in Parkway Central

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Welcome to another edition of Mark’s Monday Market Update.

It continues to be a seller’s market. If you’re a seller get your home on the market if you’re a buyer continue to be patient, since we’re moving into that “late spring market”

The question I keep receiving is what should we do… we’re considering either moving or upgrading our home?

Some common areas that individuals are upgrading are:



outdoor living

During quarantine, being inside so many months, it really highlighted being in your home and individuals figured out that if they want to stay in their home they’re going to have to do this or that.

Kitchens are being used right now more than ever and people are looking at upgrades like:

going from

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Welcome to another edition of Mark’s Market Update.

Well good news for buyers... there’s an increase of about 20% on listings, we’re still well below last year at this time; however, what we’ve been talking about is going into June and July. We’re going to see what’s traditionally the late summer market, but this year we’re calling it the "spring market". We’re going to continue to see increases.

I’ve had a lot of questions from perspective renters. What does the rental market look like? I’ve sold my house and i’m not ready to buy yet or from some of our out of town or relocations that want to understand the St. Louis market. What does the St. Louis rental market look like?

-It is incredibly weak right now because of the strength in the

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Welcome to another edition of Mark’s Market Update.

On a weekly basis we have been talking a lot about residential real estate and not much has changed (low inventory and strong buyer demand). But we have had a lot of questions about what is happening in the commercial market.

When we look at commercial we are talking about three different types:

  • Strip centers for retail and restaurants
  • Office buildings
  • Multi-family apartments

All three of these are challenging. With retail being the most challenging, office buildings second and then multi-family.
-However, multi-family rent collections have exceeded expectations, in March and April. Rent collections have been very solid; considering, what has happened over the last couple of

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