Barn at Lucerne

The Barn at Lucerne, originally known as the Blue Grass Stock Farm, was owned by Henry Bopp around the turn of the 19th century. In 1906, he built two barns, reportedly out of bricks salvaged from the 1904 World’s Fair, also called the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, held in St. Louis. 

Less than a decade later, Bopp sold the farm to Will Schisler who established the Calla Lilly Dairy Farm and constructed the majority of what is on site today: a monumental dairy barn, office, and silos. The massive 50,000 sq ft barn was a modern marvel at the time and included running water and electric lights. 

The dairy farm changed ownership a few times over the next few decades and briefly became an antique automobile museum. In 1968, a fire broke out on the property, causing significant damage. However, local (architect?) Paul Londe saw the site’s potential and prevented demolition of the structures. Paul Londe was the engineer for the Climatron at the Missouri Botanical Garden, the first geodesic dome used as a greenhouse. Londe championed a redevelopment effort for the site and the building reopened in 1974 as a retail and entertainment destination.

Today the Barn at Lucenere is home to a number of local businesses and educational institutions, and serves both as a landmark of Ballwin’s pastoral history and a community hub of suburban life. 

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