Hidden Valley in Wildwood

Missouri is not exactly known as a skiing destination. Getting out to enjoy this hobby can be pretty rough in the mid-west. Missouri is known for it’s fickle weather, one day acting like Georgia and the very next Minnesota. When Tim Boyd added a ski resort to his Wildwood golf course in 1982, everyone thought he was crazy. However, this savvy business owner, on his first artificially covered run had over a thousand people lined up. His success allowed him to expand in other mid-western cities and create the company Peak Resorts. In 2019, Hidden Valley was bought out by Vail Resorts, a worldwide premier mountain resort company. They spent 15 million dollars upgrading Hidden Valley. 

The 2024 ski year should be off to a great start. Hidden Valley has a new snowcat for better grooming; something patrons have criticized in the past. They are taking a strategic stance with improvements that will allow them to pivot based on our very moody weather. This includes 4 new Techno Alpin TR8 fan guns and snowmaking valves. 

Skiing can be a bit of an expensive endeavor. The best way to save a buck is to get an Epic Pass from Vail Resorts. You can use your pass at Vail Resorts worldwide. Epic Pass was launched in 2008 as an affordable season pass that covered several mountains. It has grown in popularity. In 2022 they sold 2.3 million passes. In addition to their specified lift tickets, a pass holder receives 20% off lodging, food and beverage, Group Ski and Ride Lessons, equipment rental, and other mountain activities. This can add up to be quite a savings. You can feel good about your purchase knowing they have an EpicPromise to reach a zero net operating footprint by 2030.

Hidden Valley has 9 lifts with 15 trails. They have a 320 foot vertical drop and two terrain parks, one for beginners and one for more advanced skiiers that includes rail jumps and jibs. Guests that don’t ski or snowboard can take lessons here or just have some carefree fun going tubing at Polar Plunge tubing park. There are sixteen 1000 foot tubing lanes and 2 conveyor belts so the sledding momentum holds up. The minimum height restriction is 42 inches.

Catch your breath and refuel at the Main Lodge. It has a bar and cafeteria style lunch with food from Black Diamond Burger, The Coop, Back Country BBQ, The Kettle, & Upper Crust Pizza. The Polar Plunge has its own outdoor cafe.

Many professional skiers and even some olympic skiers got their first exposure to skiing in smaller local areas like Hidden Valley. Hidden Valley Ski Team is a good way to discover if your child is interested in that path and has what it takes. This non-profit parent-led program coaches 5-18 year olds and has been around for 30 years. All parents and students get to ski free.

Hidden Valley stays popular through other programs like Slope Days which is an afterschool program a school or parent group can organize. There’s also night skiing with Dew after Dark, skiers can get some Dew samples and merch. 

Hidden Valley is also home to the Gateway Disabled Ski Program another long standing non-profit. Children and adults with disabilities can come experience something new and fun and leave feeling accomplished and self-sufficient.

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