High Buyer Demand & Low Inventory - Now is the Time to Sell

📢 One of the most unusual 9-month time periods in real estate...
🤦‍♂️Topsy Turvy📈📉📈📉📈

👉 Spring 2022 

  • ✅️ Historic low interest rates
  • ✅️ Incredibly strong buyer demand
  • ✅️ Significant weakness in inventory
  • ✅️ Sellers knew they could sell their homes but didn't know where they would move
  • ✅️ Multiple offers on almost every home or over-asking price

👉 Summer 2022 

  • ✅️ Continued incredible buyer and seller demand
  • ✅️ Record home prices
  • ✅️ Inkling that the market is starting to change 
  • ❌️ Colleagues around the country are starting to experience market softness 
  • ❌️ Builders are sending signals with discounting 

👉 Fall 2023 

  • ✅️ Interest rates 🚀
  • ✅️ Buyer demand is dwindling, and, in many cases, buyers are paralyzed by interest rates
  • ✅️ Sellers taking their homes off the market as many are not prepared to trade up interest rates from their 2.5% to 7%, with nowhere to go
  • ✅️ Very strange market as there are still multiple offers on select homes, but an equal amount is sitting and getting no showings. Price adjustments are needed in order to stimulate demand
  • ✅️ Significant insecurity in the market as a result of interest rates, stock market, and overall economy

👉 January 2023 (it's back 🚀🚀)

  • ✅️ Interest rates stabilized and there have been positive declines in %. Strong credit-worthy buyers 5 1/2%
  • ✅️ The lowest inventory levels and units sales January over January for the last 5 years
  • ✅️ Multiple offers and over-asking on all great homes
  • ✅️ Incredible buyer demand, but such limited inventory that the market is 🔥🔥and as strong as Spring 2022

💰 If you're a seller get your home on the market. This is your opportunity! 

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