MADE in the Delmar Maker District

Sometimes when inspiration takes hold there’s not a whole lot of time to rush out and buy yourself a woodshop, 3D printer, sewing machine, welding equipment, etc., much less, time to learn the skills you need to form your notion into fruition. 

Too many let their good ideas fade away before they are even started.  MADE in St. Louis is an independent Makerspace that offers monthly memberships for an amazing space equipped with tools to create and learn new skills. 

The idea of Makerspace has really taken off in the last decade, made official by Dale Dougherty, the founder of Maker Media, who coined the term. Their magazine Make:  has now turned into a whole world of “making” including a faire, books, community, and online shopping. The Fab Lab, aka fabrication laboratory, was first created in 2001 at MIT by professor Neil Gershenfeld. Fab Labs have spread across the globe since then and now are a part of an international network, The Fab Foundation. However this creative togetherness started in libraries as early as 1873 with activities like quilting, knitting and sewing.

Above MADE is MADE for Kids which is sponsored by the Magic House. A safe smaller-scale area tailored for kids includes pottery wheels, stop motion animation, coding and sewing and more. Many kids have already visited on a field trip with their school but to enable more time for them to really discover what they like and what they are good at, you can plan a visit for $6 or buy a family membership. There are also options for private lessons both in-person and virtually. Lesson themes include 3D printing, laser cutting, clay sculpture, and pottery wheel.

Cities are often great places for creative exposure and collaboration. St. Louis is lucky to have their own Delmar Maker District which comprises MADE, MADE for kids, Third Degree Glass Factory, and Craft Alliance. If you are curious about these spaces, the district holds a free open house on every third Friday of the month from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. During this time you can travel from space to space watching demonstrations and tasting local foods and drinks.

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