Mark’s Market Update - Sellers Market

Welcome to another edition of Mark’s Market Update.

Today’s episode from Labadie Missouri, a community established in the mid 1800’s, with the famous Hawthorne Inn. It’s Memorial day today and we want to wish everyone a happy Memorial day weekend and most importantly thank all who served our Country - you’re amazing.

Now what is happening in Real estate? The same story.

• Low interest rates

• It’s a sellers market. We still haven’t seen the bump in inventory like we usually expect by now. In the past, school just let out, there’s a lot of vacations, and a lot of other things preventing sellers from putting there home on the market and buyers being active for the next couple weeks, but this is like no other market!

• We’re seeing a very active buyer pool and we just aren’t seeing the inventory of sellers.??

• If you’re looking to sell, get your home on the market, we can talk about preparation for sale.

• If you’re a buyer, hang on I promise you there will be an increase in inventory.?? • Interest rates are still incredibly low. We’re seeing below 3% on a 30 year by some reputable lenders.

If you have any questions about buying, selling, investing, don’t hesitate to call, email, or text. Again Thank You - Thank You to all who served our Country

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