Mark’s Monday Market Update - Considering Moving or Updating Your Home?

Welcome to another edition of Mark’s Monday Market Update.

It continues to be a seller’s market. If you’re a seller get your home on the market if you’re a buyer continue to be patient, since we’re moving into that “late spring market”

The question I keep receiving is what should we do… we’re considering either moving or upgrading our home?

Some common areas that individuals are upgrading are:



outdoor living

During quarantine, being inside so many months, it really highlighted being in your home and individuals figured out that if they want to stay in their home they’re going to have to do this or that.

Kitchens are being used right now more than ever and people are looking at upgrades like:

going from an electric stoves to gas ranges

upgrading their cabinets

upgrading their counter tops

We’ve seen that planning desks are changing, in our case, ours was changed to a butler pantry

Smaller Islands

More functional - open space

From a standpoint of bathrooms:

ceramic is still popular, ceramic surrounds

clear glass showers

A lot of my clients are asking about tubs - should they keep a tub or not? Certainly there is still a high demand for a master bath to have a tub, even if they’re not used, we have seen the impact for resale.

Moving to outdoor living: certainly the pool business is very strong right now

But some easy things that are being done are:

Under decks we’re seeing dry below being installed so that you can have an outdoor living area under the deck with a fan and tv.

We’re seeing fire pits now more than ever So there are a lot of different things that I would be more than happy to answer your questions about, or provide resources. We have a huge vendor list of individuals that can do most of these projects and we can make recommendations.

But it is certainly something you should evaluate… don’t just think you have to move. A lot of people are very happy with some tweaks in their current home and if that’s what works best for you then stay in your home.

If you have any questions about buying, selling, investing, vendor lists, projects don’t hesitate to call, email, or text.

Thank you so much and have a fantastic day.

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