Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis

Located in the Bevo Mill neighborhood right across from the historic Bevo windmill, is the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis. This museum consists of 6,200 square feet of tiny objects on display. Expanding throughout 2 floors, there are displays ranging from 1:6 to microscale. 

The museum opened in 2001 and is managed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors and General Membership with opportunities to volunteer in the gift shop. The creators of the museum wanted a place to display cultural and educational aspects throughout history in a unique and interesting way. 

Working on miniature displays has been a hobby throughout history, with evidence of miniatures being found all the way back in ancient Egypt. The community of miniature hobbyists here in St. Louis is passionate about having a place to share their craft. 

Throughout the museum, you can find displays ranging from huge (but mini) Victorian era homes, a treehouse, a medieval blacksmith shop, general stores, ice cream parlors and so much more all displaying a glimpse into the life of that era in history.  

If you are looking for a memorable way to immerse yourself in tiny scenes and parts of history all afternoon, you may need to schedule a stop at the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis. 

Photos Courtesy of:
Kids Out and About
Atlas Obscura
Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis


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