South Grand's Restaurant Strip for a Winter Defrost

If the winter blues have got you down it might be time to spice things up a bit. Trying something new may sound scary but isn’t that a part of the thrill? South Grand in St. Louis has the most diverse restaurants in the area. There’s plenty to choose from to test your convictions and warm up those winter days. 

Rooster is a breakfast and brunch restaurant  in the Bailies Family Restaurants. The location on S. Grand is in an attractively renovated mid-century building. It’s okay if you wake up late you can have your breakfast up until 2 p.m. Knock the chill off STL style by ordering a brisket chili slinger. If you’re not afraid of a little heartburn a house bloody can crank it up a notch. There’s also the Bloody Samurai with wasabi and the Bloody Bull with smoked salt, the Bloody ‘ell seems to be just very very hot!

GOTham & Eggs is another one of S. Grands breakfast establishments. Their “warm you up” is the dynamic duo Super Chicken and Marvelous Waffle. Chicken and waffles together you say? If you don’t know…Yasss.

Special Tibs Lamb is a meal from Meskerem Ethiopian Cuisine that is sauced with awaze. This chili sauce is spicy, floral, dark, smokey, and citrusy, perfect for melting the snow a-waze.

If the overbearing weight of the long winter is beating you down so much that you and your friend can’t agree on the horrifying question, what’s for dinner? It’s time to head over to Basil India. Where one of you can have Indian and the other Thai. Both sure to knock that question flat on its head.

Pizza Head is a mostly vegan Pizza joint with a punk-rock vibe. Rich and creamy a spinach and artichoke NYC style pizza is sure to satisfy; visitors say they didn’t even know it was vegan. 

The best coffee is freshly roasted coffee and local shops like The Gelateria Coffee Company have a leg up on franchise in that department. This shop roasts their beans every few days. They also make authentic gelato and pastries both sweet and savory.

Steve’s Hotdogs, home of the official St. Louis Dog, will have you daydreaming of summer in STL with their Pork Steak Dog which is basically a complete BBQ dinner with shredded BBQ pork steak, slaw, house BBQ sauce and crispy onions, not on the side..on the dog. 

Defrost your face over a giant bowl of fragrant steamy vietnamese noodle soup. Pho Grand Vietnamese has almost two dozen bowls to choose from.

The exotic warming spices of  kabobs, kaftas and shawarma’s from Vine Mediterranean Cafe will not only keep you feeling cozy but can actually help fight off some of those nasty cold and flu season viruses.

While sushi is generally considered a lighter, fresher type of meal paired with a hot sake and plenty of wasabi it can still be a mighty weapon against winter’s assault. Cafe Mochi offers delicious rolls in a vibrant up-beat space that will get you out of the mundane.

If you are ready to try something new and have never had Turkish food, Sheesh Restaurant is known as the best in St. Louis. Winter blues, lamb shank, check! Be warned or excited, Turkish coffee is typically more aromatic and has twice the caffeine as American coffee.  

If you want to take a walk on the wild side you could really try something new and have a meal at Lulu’s local Eatery. 100% of their menu is all-natural plant based foods, local and organic when they can. Smothered tater tots covered with carnita, cheese, jalapeños, sour cream, salsa, green onions, and cilantro fit the bill for our winter comfort food. They have a plethora of interesting signature drinks and mocktails as well. 

Padrino’s will bring you all the warmth of the west coast and South America with their california-inspired Mexican cuisine, street tacos, and Tex-Mex. Curated by a logistically diverse group who are passionate about the food they make.

Tree House is another one of South Grands vegan and vegetarian restaurants. It’s also another great place for those unable to gain consensus on dinner for there is a wide ethnicity of food influences here. 

You can liven up your weekend with a Sunday Funday at Brasilia Bar & Restaurant. Every Sunday they have a brunch and dinner Churrasco, which is a variety of grilled meats brought to your table and open Brazilian salad/sides bar. 

Lemon Grass is a Vietnamese restaurant  and one of their specialties is Com Tay Cam, or Rice Hot Pot.  Slowly cooked rice with any of your favorite proteins and veggies.

Wei Hong Bakery & Barbeque offers roasted duck. It is an age-old dish that defines winter comfort food, beating out turkey and chicken with more flavor and richness.

South Grand is one of St. Louis’ Community Improvement Districts.  The shop and restaurant owners here take pride in their neighborhood and their work. 

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