What Have We Seen In the First Few Weeks of 2023?

❓ What is happening in the real estate market the first three weeks in January? 

📌 In the last update, we saw a weakness in inventory and a weakness in buyer demand.

📈 Interest rates were continuing to rise. 

📉 Now, we're actually seeing interest rates in the high 5s, which has motivated buyers to get out and look. 

📅 We used to call the spring market March and April. Now, it’s actually starting significantly earlier. 

👉 Interest rates have dropped a tad, and we’re starting to see a little bump in inventory–nothing significant. 

👉 We're starting to see contracts. 

❗ Sellers, we need your homes on the market. 

👉 The majority of our listings are going with multiple offers and over-asking. 

😀 If you have any questions about buying, selling, investing, or the value of your home–we’re here for you.


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