What Your Real Estate Agent Wants You To Know

Do you ever wonder what your real estate agent wishes you knew before you start the house-hunting process? There are a few things that most real estate agents want their clients to know:

Know Your Wants, Your Needs, and Where You’re Willing To CompromiseWhat Your Real Estate Agent Wants You To Know

Potential homebuyers usually have a budget they need to stick to, as well as a list of musts and a wish list. In most cases, some sort of compromise will need to be made in the home buying journey, so being mentally prepared for that process is helpful.

When you consider what you want in a home, make a list and note whether each item is a necessity or a want, and what conditions would lead you to make a compromise. For example, maybe you need 3 bedrooms, you want 4 bedrooms, but you know that for the right price 3 bedrooms and a den would do the trick. Mentally going through potential scenarios with your wish list, collaborating with your partner if applicable, will make you better equipped to make decisions in real-time.

Location Matters Most

You may have heard it before, but it bears repeating: you can change almost anything about a house, except for its location. Your dream house in the wrong location isn’t your dream house, so before beginning the house-hunting process it's important to determine if there are any neighborhoods you just won’t consider, what school districts are deal-breakers, as well as how far a commute is too far.

Buyers Don’t Pay Their Realtors

Real estate agents get paid when a house closes, by the seller. Buyers do not pay their realtors anything, even if they go to 30 houses together.

Real Estate Agents Aren’t Just Home Tour Guides

Your Realtor® is a wealth of information, able to offer way more to the house-hunting process than unlocking doors and giving tours of homes on the market. A good real estate agent will be knowledgeable about neighborhoods, resale value, school districts, and fun facts about the area because they are both experienced and well researched.

Don’t Shop Without Pre-Approval

Beginning to look for your next home without first securing mortgage pre-approval will at best mean a waste of time, and at worst it might cost you the home you thought you were ready to buy. Being ready to buy means knowing exactly what your budget is and having a pre-approval to include with an offer letter, showing sellers you are both serious and prepared. Out of respect for your real estate agent’s time, and out of common sense to not miss out on the home you want, make a few calls and secure pre-approval before you shop.

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