Winter Celebrations with Delmar's Ice Carnival

This event on January 20th, is another one of the ways St. Louis neighborhoods are supporting their local businesses and they are growing in popularity year after year. Since Delmar Loop is blocked off, attendees can take a stroll down the middle of the Delmar to see live ice carvings and take photos in ice frames showcasing the district's businesses.

There are frosty themed stilt walkers, jugglers, snowflake ballerinas, fire dancers, and dj’s up and down the strip. There is an ice slide and ice games for kids. STL Barkeep has winter cocktail creations for the grown-ups. They’re estimating over 60 ice carvings in 2024. Something a bit unique and sure to make the kids go wild is the frozen ice cube giveaway. They can break the ice cube open and find out if they get a chocolate coin or dollar coin. 

New this year on Saturday evening is the Ice Carnivale Drone Show with over 150 drones. You can get a VIP view of this show with tickets to the Moonrise Hotel Rooftop Watch Area, drinks and apps are included. Everyone in St. Louis knows our weather is volatile so the organizers would like to convey this is a snow or shine event. Even at 65 degrees the Ice sculptures make their way out.

The prequel to this frozen fun is on Friday at the SnowBall in Moonrise Hotel. While the rest of us are snuggled inside for the night with double socks and a Hot Toddy, you could be dubbed Ice Royalty if you put some thought into your best snowy costume. You don’t have to try that hard though, they just recommend that attendees wear all white. Tickets come with two drinks and “more surprises.” 

Learn more about the event. 

Photos Courtesy of The Delmar Loop

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