Use a Gellman Team

Moving Truck or Van For FREE!!


Thats Right! Our Clients and Community are welcome to use one of our moving trucks or van for free!  

All we ask is that you return them with a full tank of gas! The larger Moving Trucks stay very busy, especially on weekends, so make sure you reserve as early as possible. The Gellman Team Van is available only on weekends.

There are limitations*, and a valid drivers license and a copy of your insurance is required.  Both the Trucks and Van are available for use by the community ~ schools, religious organizations, charities, and other non-profit organizations!!  

*Please note: Reservations are limited to 1 of The Gellman Team trucks at a time.  The Gellman Team moving trucks and van are for local moves only, in the greater St Louis, St Charles and Jefferson County areas.  Approximately 50 mile radius from Downtown St Louis.  

I'm not sure who to thank, but the truck was awesome!  We are all moved into the house and happily settling in.
  Thank you for all of your help! ~ Debbie B.

All went well with the truck and we appreciate that fact your office provides this service for FREE.   Free is good!
And if you have never driven the truck, it is like driving a Ford pickup, not hard at all. ~ John G.


2 Trucks ~ 2 Convenient Pickup Locations! 

On the dropdown just below "Reservation Details", choose which location works best for you - Brentwood or Chesterfield!



*Your information will never be shared with any third party.

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