The Gellman Team

Yelp/Zillow 5 Star Review Email Template

Hello *Insert Name Here* -

I am sure that it is no surprise to you that a substantial part of the growth that our team has experienced over the past several years is due to customers like yourself sharing their experience with The Gellman Team on websites that are frequented by perspective customers. In very much the same way that word of mouth has helped build businesses for countless numbers of years, these websites serve as valuable tools to spread the word about your experience with The Gellman Team.

Thanks to our fantastic clients, the numbers are out, and The Gellman Team has achieved the sales ranking of #7 Coldwell Banker Team in North America!  While we are proud of this achievement, our more important goal is also to be #1 in customer satisfaction. We hope that your experience with our team of professionals exceeded your expectations. 

We would very much appreciate you taking a moment to get the word out about our team’s dedication to our customers by providing your feedback on two websites that are important to our continued growth: (Zillow)  and  (Yelp) All you have to do is write a quick 5 star review and you can even use the same one for both pages.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help you achieve your real estate goals.  Please know that we are always available for any questions or additional real estate advice. 

With Much Appreciation,