5 Steps to Selling Your Home

Making the choice to sell your home does not have to be a stressful process. Whether you're selling because the market is doing great, you need to move, need to increase the size of your home or downsize, or perhaps a variety of other reasons, selling does not have to be a stressful transaction. At The Gellman Team, we want to make your selling transaction as easy as possible from an initial listing presentation and pricing to negotiation and final closing. With our unique five-step process to selling your home, we break down the process in easy-to-understand terms so that you know what step you're on throughout the process. Start here with the five steps to selling your home.

Step 1: Create a Marketing Plan Our Unique 5 Step Home Selling Process

We have a dedicated and proven marketing plan that we have perfected over the years. From pricing the home correctly to getting the right exposure, effective Internet and in print marketing and negotiation, we set up the marketing plan ahead of time so that were prepared for whatever may come along. Every real estate transaction is different and because there are so many different parties involved in every deal, you need to know how to solve problems quickly, establish good communication, and keep the ball rolling so that there are no hiccups or hangups along the way.

We make sure that in addition to getting the right price and the right exposure on your home, we utilize all the best effective Internet marketing tools available. Technology is increasing rapidly and our innovative website not only makes your listing stand out but highly visible with our proven SEO strategies, social media marketing, and inclusion in every single real estate MLS website out there. Your home will receive the best possible exposure for the best potential results.

Step 2: Setting the Price

Pricing a home in any market is one of the biggest strategic moves sellers and listing agents can make. Making a mistake by pricing it too high or leaving money on the table by pricing it too low, will not achieve what our sellers and our clients are really after. By using our dedicated and experienced process of looking at comparable homes not just within the last six months but those that are currently on the market, those that are pending, and those that are coming up listing within the next couple of months, we can devise a pricing strategy that works for your home and your end result. We understand that the bottom line profit is your goal and from Real Estate Commission fees to closing costs, every dollar counts. We don't want to sit on the market any longer than we have to so pricing it correctly from the very beginning is the key to getting the home sold quickly and for the right price.

Step 3: Showtime

Nobody likes to sit on the market any longer than they have to but staging and showing your home does take effort. We cannot be in your home 24 hours a day so it's up to you to maintain your home in a show-ready fashion. We can give you tips and tricks to staging your home, layouts for the perfect photography sessions, and how to present your home when you have a showing.

We always recommend that you take your pets, children, and any evidence of pets with you when you leave the home during a buyers a showing. Open all of the curtains and make sure there's enough natural light and artificial light in every home. Close toilet seats, remove clutter and personal items, and imagine that every showing is the buyer that's going to make the offer. A good rule of thumb is not to make any mess that cannot be cleaned up in 30 minutes or less. There's nothing more frantic than running around your home throwing laundry in the basket and dishes in the dishwasher when you have a showing in 10 minutes or less.

Step 4: We've Got You Covered

Besides health and wellness, we also want to make sure that your home is safe. We have tips and tricks to keep your valuables safe, keep things private, and we follow all buyers through your home to make sure that all of your items and personal belongings stay safe.

We have five listing specialists that handle all listings throughout the St. Louis real estate market from listing coordinators and closing coordinators to marketing experts and behind-the-scenes virtual assistants, we do everything possible with the materials and tools given to make you and the buyer is safe and protected as possible. You can trust your listing with The Gellman Team.

Step 5: Making the Deal

As your listing agent, our top priority is getting your home sold quickly and for top dollar. By pricing it correctly at the beginning, we understand the negotiating strategies and have years of experience in dealing with buyers and buyers agents. From negotiating reports to addendum, clauses, and inspections, we can help handle every detail of the entire transaction from start to finish. If you ever have questions about the process or simply don't understand what's going on, we want to make sure you feel comfortable and understood.

Our sellers are our top priority and we want to make sure that when you close, you feel confident you got the right price, the right terms, and can move on without a shred of remorse. Let The Gellman Team make that a reality.

When you're ready, contact us below or simply call our office. We can offer a free listing presentation and let you know what your home could be worth today and how quickly it could sell or we can offer tips and suggestions on getting every dollar you deserve from your home by simple staging techniques, pricing strategies, and our unique marketing and negotiation process. We look forward to helping you sell your St. Louis home today.

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