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Every two weeks The Gellman Team releases training tip videos to help enrich your business and your life.  

These videos will include: 

  • Strategies that will make an impact in your business.

  • Top agent interviews.

  • Question and answer videos with top business professionals. 

  • Innovative technology systems.

  • Mindset techniques to conquer any obstacle.

Our goal is to give you a taste of the training we provide and the culture of the team.

We have no intention of recruiting you - that’s a conversation with us when you are ready, if at all.

There’s plenty of business to go around for all of us.

We’ve been fortunate to sell 500 homes last year and our average agent earns over $125,000 a year with us.

The same training they get will help you do it as well. 


If you’re interested in knowing what we’re up to here and you’d like to stay current on the latest strategies, let's start a conversation at 314-422-1042

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